Data security & privacy statement

All data stored by our plugin is safe and limited to necessary information only. Plugin is build upon Atlassian framework to keep data secure.


No data sharing, tracing


We do not trace or sell data, we love to keep as less as necessary and for shortest amount of time. 

We do not collect, use or exchange data stored in our systems.

We delete data as soon as possible. 

The plugin stores printing card templates - data informing about what fields are printed on a card. 

Data templates are not shared and are available for creator only.

Reliable Partners and Infrastructure

We use infrastructure of reliable partners to deliver our services

For more information please read Heroku privacy policy, Heroku security policy


Plugin necessary access rights

Plugin is represented as a user addon_com.flyingagile.jira.plugin.aip. We do not modify get any additional data on customer's side.

Cloud version of AIP plugin requires READ access to customer's JIRA instance to load selected issues to print.

The issue data are used to generate PDF document and are not kept.

PDF documents are created on the fly and they are not stored by the plugin.

Cloud plugin keeps customer identifier to provide secure communication with its JIRA instance.

Custom identifiers are stored to database secured by Heroku service.

Ask if you have more questions about data privacy

Do not hesitate to ask any question if you are not sure about data privacy.

We are happy to answer. Data privacy is most important for us.


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