Issues are not printed for AIP Cloud version


  1. I'm not able to print selected issues. No error message is shown.
  2. Issues from one project are printed but not for the other.



Add-on has no permission to browse your project

Q: How to fix that?

A: Setup "Browse Projects" permission for user addon_com.flyingagile.jira.plugin.aip

Step by Step

  1. Go to project Administration
  2. Select "Permission" or left hand side
  3. Check if user addon_com.flyingagile.jira.plugin.aip has "Browse Projects" permission
  4. If no permission is set for the user add permission by clicking  "Actions->Edit Permission"


Permission for user addon_com.flyingagile.jira.plugin.aip can be added for:

  • project role - (atlassian-addons-project-access)
  • selected user


Browse project permissions for project